Innovation meets Tradition

The two partner companies, Innotex Merkel & Rau GmbH and Uhlemann & Lantzsch GmbH, both located in Frankenberg/Sa , have the following machinery at their disposal.

Digital printing machines

  • 1 Reggiani Renoir PRO machines running on reactive dye for cellulosic fabrics
  • 2 MS JP 6 machines running on reactive dye for cellulosic fabrics
  • 2 MS JV machine running on acid dye for PA/EL fabrics and wool

Rotary screen printing machines

  • Zimmer up to 16 colors
  • Zimmer up to 12 colors
  • Stork up to 8 colors

Screen repeat size: 64/82/91 and 102 cm
Longer repeats by intermitting technology up to 12 colors


Finishing equipment

  • Steamer – Stork
  • Open width washing machine with vacuum dehydration - Erbatech
  • Low tension rope washing machine
  • Stenter frame , dryer and fixation machines - Brückner, Unitech
  • compressive shrinkage unit - Muzzi
  • Calender steal - racolan-paper Ramisch
  • Raising machine
  • Inspection machines for highly elastic articles up to K-group IV - Unglaub
  • Laboratory for textile-physical tests
  • Doubling

Dyes and inks

  • Reactive (digital and screen) on Cotton and Viscose (also with EL)
  • Pigment (screen printed only)
  • Acid (digital and screen) on PA/EL and Wool
  • Vat dye , mainly for discharge printing
  • Burn outs of cotton or viscose against polyester
  • Paste effect printing


Digital printing:
Rotation screen printing:

last update: January 2016

approx. 1,5 Mio m / year
approx. 6 Mio m / year